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Polycarbonate sheetingPolycarbonate sheeting has an extremely high impact strength and is stable over a greater temperature range than polymethyl acrylates like Plexiglas. Polycarbonate is very transparent to visible light - better than many types of glass in fact. It's a much better thermal insulator than glass too.

Polycarbonate is used for custom-made signage, achitectural glazing and similar purposes. Different version can have different properties - for example an increased scratch resistance, higher acoustic insulation or a higher UV resistance to overcome weathering.

ACT Plastics sell UV stabilised clear, opal and grey tint polycarbonate in many sheet sizes and thicknesses from respected manufacturers like Lexan and Makroclear, and can advise on the best selection for your particular requirements. We can also order in scratch-resistant polycarbonate.

ACT Plastic sources its products from the most respected manufacturers of sheet plastics, films and polymers.