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coloured vinyls

Aluminium composite sheet is a sheet of plastic sandwiched between two thin aluminium outer layers. The outer laters then have a powder coated coloured surface treatment applied. May be drilled and cut without cracking, unlike other plastic sheets. The most common signage substrate used today. Screw or stick straight to the wall. Very easy to work with, and available in a wide range of colours.

Uses include:

  • Signage both internal and external
  • Enclosing trailers
  • Laundry walls
  • Around non-fire areas in kitchens for a clean look
  • Shop fitting, cabinet making
  • Advertising signage
  • Point of sale displays
  • Trade stands
  • Transport
  • Partitioning, wall linings and suspended ceilings

ACT Plastics supplies aluminium composite sheeting from respected manufacturers like Aluwedo and Signbond.

About Signbond™ Aluminium Composite

Signbond™ Aluminium Composite Panel, using a special polymer paint, comes with a high glossy surface one side and matt finish on the other making if perfect for direct screen printing, spray painting or for the application of vinyl adhesives. The aluminium sides of Signbond™ are 0.2mm (3.0mm sheets) and 0.3mm (4.0mm sheets) which provides for an extremely flat, flawless, smooth surface that is lightweight and asthetically pleasing.

Signbond™ Aluminium Composite can be sculptured, folded, rolled without the shortfalls of deformation, wrinkling or delaminating. Signbond™ sheet also has an easy peel protective film and is available in a vast range of colours such as red, green, blue, yellow, charcoal, brushed alumiumium, gold mirror and silver mirror in addition to our white and black in sheet sizes ranging from 2440mm x 1220mm to 4000mm x 2000mm.

Aluminium composite panel colours - custom colours also available to order

  • Dark blue

    Dark blue

  • Stone


  • Orange


  • Dark red

    Dark red

  • Gold mirror

    Gold mirror

  • White gloss

    White gloss

  • Embossed


  • Timber


  • Gold matte

    Gold matte

  • Light green

    Light green

  • Silver sparkle

    Silver sparkle

  • Silver mirror

    Silver mirror

  • Silver brushed

    Silver brushed

  • Light blue

    Light blue

  • Black gloss

    Black gloss

  • Light red

    Light red

  • White digital print

    White digital print

  • Light yellow

    Light yellow

  • Charcoal


  • Dark green

    Dark green

  • Black satin

    Black satin

  • Dark yellow

    Dark yellow

  • Silver matte

    Silver matte

ACT Plastic sources its products from the most respected manufacturers of sheet plastics, films and polymers.