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coloured vinyls

3M tapes

3M custom striping tape for is for use in matching existing stripes or creating original striping designs. Resists petrol and chemicals, and is available in various widths and colors, with single, double and multiple stripe pattern combinations.


pinstriping tapes

Designline Tape

DesignLine tape is a a knifeless tape for use on vehicles. Laid down before the film, you pull a filament wire out and through to cut the film neatly without ever damaging the duco.

What's Different

  • It is made to stretch. Both the tape and the filament stretch slightly stretching the tape allows the tape to turn easily in any direction
  • Slightly stretching the tape will create straight lines
  • Prestretching the tape will allow you to do tight turns

Quicker Installs

  • You never need to preheat the vinyl to achieve great cuts
  • Break the tape with your hands. No knife required
  • When cutting the filament can be pulled at any angle above the tape
  • You do not have to push the tape tight to the vinyl to achieve great cuts
  • Pulling the small filament slowly in tight areas still gets great cuts

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